Séminaire ISCMJ par Emmanuel Barbeau
Mardi, 5 Juin, 2018 - 11:30

Silvia Wirth a invité Emmanuel Barbeau du CERCO (Toulouse), il donnera une conférence sur:

Familiarité et souvenir: revisiter les dogmes

We recognize individually every day dozens of objects and faces. Recognition memory is actually so efficient and so natural that we do not even pay any attention to it. It has been shown that we can rapidly store thousands of new pictures and sometimes for a very long time without rehearsal in the meantime, suggesting this system is very powerful. Phenomenologically two processes are supposed to participate to recognition memory, one fast and acontextual, called familiarity, the other slower and associated with the context in which the stimulus was encountered, called recollection. Although there is agreement on the core network of brain regions involved in recollection, surprisingly little is known about familiarity, quite probably because the psychological and physiological signals associated with familiarity are fast, but also much weaker, than those associated with recollection. In fact, it is not even clear if familiarity is a single process as often presented. In this talk, I will review recent studies in which we used a combination of new paradigms, neuropsychological and intracerebral electrophysiological studies to identify the network of brain regions involved in familiarity.

Salle du conseil ISC - 5 Juin à partir de 11h30