SBRI seminar
Monday, September 29, 2014 - 10:00am

The NEF team is delighted to welcome Céline Cappe from the CerCo in Toulouse. Her conference will take place on Tuesday 16th September at the SBRI conference room. She will talk about:
Multisensory integration: structures and functions.
"My previous anatomical and electrophysiological works in both non-human and human primates participate to the elaboration of the original concept that multisensory integration is not restricted to higher order polymodal areas but involves in addition the first stages of unimodal sensory processing. We are now facing with a highly complex neural network involved in multisensory interactions, which includes cortical pathways and thalamo-cortical loops. The diversity of interactions observed throughout the thalamus and the sensory cortical areas foster a distributed system whose specific role is still to be determined."