SBRI seminar
Monday, November 23, 2015 - 11:00am

Henry Kennedy has invited Ghislaine Dehaene from Neurospin (Inserm U992) to come and give a conference:
How does human cognition develop? Brain imaging studies in the first months of life

How to grow a mind? This question is pervasive in human cognitive development as the human infant appears so immature and the world so complex. Yet in a few months, humans develop complex capacities in numerous cognitive domains at a level no other animal reaches. The solution relies in the complex functional neural architecture human infants possess. Thanks to development of non-invasive brain imaging techniques, we are now able to study the neural bases of infant cognitive capacities. I will present several studies illustrating what type of results are now accessible in healthy infants, even at a preterm age, and how results of functional studies during this last decade have changed our views of human infants’ cognitive possibilities.
Labo SBRI - 18 avenue Doyen Lépine - Conference room