ISC Seminar by Frank Krueger
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 11:30am

Angela Sirigu is welcoming Professor Frank Krueger from the department of psychology of the University of Mannheim to give a talk:

The role of the anterior insula in social norm compliance and enforcement: evidence from a coordinate-based meta-analysis.

The Social Cognition and Interaction: Functional Imaging (SCI:FI) LAB investigates the psychological functions (i.e., why they exist and work) and the proximate neurobiological mechanisms (i.e., how they work) of social cognition (e.g., beliefs, schemata) subserving prosocial (e.g., trust, cooperation) and norm-enforcement (e.g., altruistic punishment, sanction) behaviors. By combining paradigms from social psychology and experimental economics, the lab pursues three lines of research using methods from social neuroscience, including functional neuroimaging, neuroendocrinology and neuromodulation.

ISC Marc Jeannerod - Council room - from 11.30am