IMPACT seminar by Morgan Sangeux
Monday, July 10, 2017 - 3:00pm

Denis Pélisson has invited Morgan Sangeux from the Gait Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia to give a talk on:

Numerous applications of walking analysis especially in motor cerebral deficient children.

Dr Morgan Sangeux's main research interest is to understand the problems that either prevent children from walking normally or cause pain when they do. The goal is to devise the best possible treatment, including orthopaedics surgery, to improve their mobility and quality of life. Dr Sangeux uses motion capture to analyse the walking pattern and creates 3D models of the human body from medical imaging (such as MRI or CT-Scan). Musculoskeletal modelling calculates the forces that muscles of the lower limb need to perform during walking and the contact forces that occur at the joints (e.g. hip, knee and ankle). The gait laboratory at The Royal Children's Hospital has been operating for almost 20 years which means we have a large amount of data before and after a range of treatments. Dr Sangeux has therefore developed an interest in machine learning. This line of research tries to select the piece of information which best predict the outcome of a given treatment.

IMPACT conference room - July 10th from 3pm