GATE seminar
Monday, November 23, 2015 - 2:00pm

Marie Claire Villeval is delighted to welcome Nicolas Pistolesi from the Toulouse School of Economics to give a conference on:
The effect of advising students at college entrance: evidence from a French university reform.
This paper measures the effect of a policy helping students choosing their field of study at university implemented in France from 2009. Applicants receive reviews from universities on their chances of graduating conditionally on their high-school grades. To measure the causal impact of the review on college enrollment decisions we use the discontinuity between previous academic records and review determination. From a database of first year undergraduate applicants, we estimate that receiving a positive signal in a given field of study has little impact on the probability of registration. At the opposite, a negative signal in a given field decreases by 14 percentage points the proportion of students enrolling.
Ecully - GATE-Lab - Seminar Room