EMC Seminar by Fabien Lotte
Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 4:00pm

The next cognition seminar will take place on April 26th with a talk from Fabien Lotte (Team Potioc, INRIA Bordeaux) on:

Understanding and redefining BCI users training

Although very promising for numerous applications, BCI mostly remain prototypes not used outside laboratories, due to their low reliability. Poor BCI performances are partly due to imperfect EEG signal processing algorithms but also to the user, who may not be able to produce reliable EEG patterns. Indeed, BCI use is a skill, requiring the user to be properly trained to achieve BCI control. If he/she cannot perform the desired mental commands, no signal processing algorithm could identify them. Therefore, rather than improving EEG signal processing alone, an interesting research direction is to also guide users to learn BCI control mastery.

Campus Porte des Alpes, Amphi D, April 26th from 4pm