EMC lab seminar
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 4:30pm

The EMC lab will host Thomas Toppino from the Department of Psychology of Villanova University (Pennsylvania) who will give a talk about:
The effect of distributed practice on memory
The seminar will take place in Université Lumière Lyon 2, Campus Porte des Alpes, 5 avenue Pierre Mendès-France, amphitheater F.
Abstract: Practice takes many forms, but they all entail repeated learning opportunities. The effectiveness of practice is well known to depend on how these learning opportunities are distributed over time, but an explanation of this phenomenon has eluded researchers for over a century. We will examine the relevant research literature on distributed-practice effects with respect to repeated studying, testing, and inductive learning. There is sufficient evidence to take seriously the possibility that different underlying processes may mediate the effect of distributing practice across very short inter-repetition intervals (the spacing effect) and across longer inter-repetition intervals (the lag effect). There is substantial evidence that a study-phase-retrieval mechanism (i.e., retrieving previous memory during repeated practice) contributes to distributed-practice effects. We propose a new theoretical framework in which repetition is thought to facilitate learning and memory through a process of abstraction based on study-phase retrieval.