CRNL Seminar
Monday, June 30, 2014 - 11:30am

The Neuropain team is delighted to welcome Eric Halgren, professor in Radiology in UC San Diego and give a talk at the Neurologic hopsital, Amphi 6th floor:
From channels to EEG: multiscale studies of sleep grapho-elements in humans.
Sleep grapho-elements such as spindles, K-complexes and the slow oscillation: (1) occur spontaneously across all mammalian species; (2) may play important or essential roles in memory consolidation, sleep preservation, and cerebral restoration; (3) involve large proportions of the brain; (4) strongly modulate local and network processing parameters; (5) arise due to the time-courses of channel activation, inactivation and de-inactivation, interacting with network and synaptic delays; (6) do not require averaging to observe; (7) have been computationally modeled; and (8) can be measured at multiple levels ranging from channels to whole human brain. In this talk I will discuss how studies of sleep grapho-elements at different resolutions can be integrated to eventually lead to a mechanistic understanding of large-scale integrative brain processes in humans.