CRNL Seminar
Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 3:30pm

Laure Pisella has invited Sylviane Valdois to come and give a talk at ImpAct this thursday. She will talk about:
VA Span deficit and developmental dyslexia: a causal relationship.
In her opinion paper and against our causal interpretation, Goswami (Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Nov. 2014) claims that impaired VA span in developmental dyslexia (DD) results from the poor reading experience of dyslexic children. In our response (Lobier & Valdois, mars 2015, Nature Reviews Neuroscience), we argue against this interpretation. In her reply, Goswami claims that strong evidence is missing showing that the VA span deficit is visually driven and an independent cause of dyslexia. In my talk, I will provide evidence that the VA span deficit in DD cannot be interpreted as just the consequence of the child poor reading experience. Indeed, there is evidence that dyslexic children have poorer VA span than younger children of the same reading level, that they are similarly impaired using either verbal or non verbal material, and that dyslexic children with similar reading levels may show either preserved or impaired VA span. Additional findings will be reported showing that the VA span is visually driven. I will further review the challenges in establishing causality listed by Usha Goswami and provide new findings in support of the causal interpretation.
Conference room - ImpAct Lab - 16 avenue Doyen Lépine 69500 Bron