Conference by Daniele Marinazzo
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 11:00am

Emmanuel Procyk invited Daniele Marinazzo from the University of Gent (Belgium) to give a talk on Tuesday 28th January at 11am at SBRI.
Dynamical networks in the brain: insights from information theory and criticality.
I will describe a range of methods aimed to detect dynamical connectivity in the brain. I will address the issue of exploiting redundancy in dynamical systems to perform informative clustering of the variables and obtain directed networks at fine scale, and I will describe the emergency of information bottlenecks in the brain. Finally I will introduce a methodology aimed to detect neuronal events in the resting state BOLD measurements, which will allow to retrieve the hemodynamic response function even in absence of explicit timing of the onset, and to detect transient microstates of correlated brain activity.