CNC Seminar
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 12:00pm

Angela Sirigu has invited Christoph Michel  from the Functional Brain mapping group in the University of Geneva to give a talk on:

Temporal dynamics of EEG microstates

The brain at rest is highly active in coordinated fashion in well-organized large-scale networks. Spatio-temporal analysis of multi-channel EEG signals have demonstrated that these resting-state networks are sequentially active for very short periods, namely a few hundred milliseconds, expressed as periods of stable potential map configurations. These so-called microstates of coordinated activity are suggested to represent the sequence of cognitive processes which evolve through the succession of such states. It has been shown that the presence and the temporal dynamics of the EEG microstates are influenced by the state of consciousness and that aberrations of this temporal dynamics could lead to the mental disturbances observed in neuropsychiatric disorders. Interestingly, microstates exhibit scale-free temporal dynamics, offering an intriguing explanation of why correlated BOLD fluctuations in large-scale networks can be observed at much lower temporal scale with the fMRI. This scale-free dynamics might explain why functional brain networks can rapidly reorganize and adapt to the incessant incoming information from multiple sources that must be integrated at different temporal scales.

Location: Amphi ISC

Date: March 29th from 12pm